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Dish size for DigitAlb Eutelsat W2 at 16E

September 25, 2008 · Filed Under Technical 

Eutelsat 16E is one of the more trickier satellites to pick up, as it is positioned right in between two very strong satellites, namely Hotbird (13E) and Astra (19.2e). In the UK generally a reasonable quality 1m satellite dish installation will perform well. However in Kent a slightly smaller 90cm satellite installation will suffice, an 80cm dish is the bare minimum. Obviously the dish can be motorised or fixed, and the signal quality will not be affected by the dish being motorised.

Dish size is important as to reject signals from adjacent satellites the beamwidth of the dish must be narrow enough. The larger the dish the narrower the beamwidth- simple.

For a satellite dish beamwidth calculator click here :- beamwidth calculator

For a multi feed satellite installation, it is recommended that the LNB for 16E is placed at the focal point of the dish, with LNBs for any other satellites placed in offset positions.
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