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What is the best satellite cable.

September 25, 2008 · Filed Under Technical 

A question often asked is ” What is the best satellite cable? “.

For the satellite IF signal from your LNB to your the receiver the type of cable to use is very important.

For example, ordinary TV coax cable cannot be used. Satellite IF signals range from approx 1GHz to 2.15GHz. The everyday TV coax has far too much attenuation at the higher frequencies and the screening is poor.

For a standard satellite installation a CAI benchmarked cable such as Webro foam wf100 should be used. There are many alternatives such as pf100 , TX100, TUK100 etc. These ‘100’ type cables are recommended for up to 40m runs, for longer runs wf125 or even wf165 can be used. All the benchmarked satellite coax cables consist of a copper core, copper foil and copper braid, for the best screening and attenuation properties and all are closely matched to 75 ohm.

Any good satellite installer in Kent will use a CAI approved benchmarked cable, with motorised satellite dish installations and multi-feed systems this is especially important as all these extra components introduce extra attenuation.

The problem with RG6 is that it is a generic name and some can be good quality and other can be poor.
To see the specifications for various CAI approved benchmarked cables click here:- Benchmarked cables.

If arranging a satellite installer in Kent, insist on a banchmarked coax cable. The cost differential between the cheap RG6 and a high quality satelite coax cable is minimal. Expect to pay around 50p a metre for wf100, pf100 benchmarked cable for cut lengths.

wf100 pf100 etc are suitable for Sky Digital satellite, to help cure a bad signal problem make sure you use a high quality satellite coax cable.

If you need to purchase cut lengths of hgh quality satellite cable suitable for sky, NTL , Nilesat, Digitalb, then contact MBC satellites.