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Digital Satellite Meter Lacuna Mk 4 III IV Changing transponders.

October 17, 2008 · Filed Under Technical 

This is information for anyone who has a Lacuna Mark 4 Digital satellite meter.

One of the problems with it is that the transponders cannot be edited by the user directly but it needs to be done via a PC.

One problem that was noted was that Nilesat 7w was not recognised as having a signal even though a signal could be received on a satellite receiver. To edit a transponder within the Meter data proceed as follows:-

1. Download “Satloader” from metersupport. This is used to upload and download meter data to/from the meter.

2. Then a meter data editor is required. There is an editor at metersupport,, but the zip file is password protected, for a password an email has to be sent to ask for it. However another option is to download this one. It cannot communicate with the Mark 4, but it can edit the meter data.

3. Run Satmeter loader, following the instructions on metersupport and click on read, it will then save the meter data to a file that is chosen.

4 Run Satmeter3, edit the transponders that need editing, then save as a new file.

5. Using Satloader download the new file to the meter.


The Lacuna MK4 Digital satellite Meter.