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Fibre Optic LNB now available.

April 20, 2009 · Filed Under Technical 

Global Invacom have now made available their Fibre MDU range.

Rather than using the conventional copper coax from the LNB, this system uses fibre optic.

The advantages include:-

Shorter install time and less complex.

Very long cable runs possible

A single 3mm armoured fibre cable can supply up to 32 multiswitches or receivers.

Current availability includes:

Fibre Optic LNB

Quad Fibre GTU

Quattro Fibre GTU

Twin Fibre GTU

various opical splitters

Pre made fibre cables from 1m to 500m lengths.

Attenuation of fibre runs is reported as 0.03dB per 100m, compared to approx 32dB for standard satellite grade coax.

Data sheet for GTU’sfmdutqq-05