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Motorised satellite dish installation

October 11, 2010 · Filed Under Uncategorized 

Installation of a motorised satellite dish will enable you to view satellite TV from many other countries around the world and Europe. Choose from literally thousands of Free to air (FTA) channels.

Whether you want to learn a foreign language or view channels in the UK, from your home country, a motorised satellite dish installation is ideal.
Some non uk satellite providers such as Tring, provide EPL football match coverage that is not shown in the UK, eg 3pm matches.

MBC satellites installs dishes to enable you to watch TV from many satellites, including Badr4, Arabsat,Turksat, Hellasat,Hotbird,Thor,Eutelsat,Astra,Hispasat, atlantic bird plus more, to receive European or Arabic programs for example.

A motorised dish is the best for multi satellite viewing using just one dish when installed professionally by MBC Satellites. Professional installation is essential to ensure that the dish follows the arc that the satellites are on, properly. Most satellites receivers are capable of driving a 1m dish for example using a Diseqc1.2 / USALS GotoX satellite dish motor.

Motorised dish ease of Use.

A motorised satellite dish is fairly easy to use. The satellite receiver has a list of satellites stored in its database, each with its own list of channels associated with it. Upon selection of your chosen channel, the motorised dish will automatically move to the correct satellite to pick up the signal from the satellite that carries the desired channel.

MBC satelites can set up a motorised dish to receive TV programmes from many countries including:-

France, Germany, Italia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, India, Romania, midddle east, Turkey,Greece, Cypus plus many other countries.

Badr4 a specialality, to receive the MBC channels, Dubai One, providing some good quality free movies in English.

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